🟑Token distribution

Attention: with MIP-28 and MIP-29 passing, all $MC tokens are migrated to the $BEAM token with a 1:100 conversion ratio. The only way to receive $BEAM tokens is by either acquiring or migrating $MC tokens. The token distribution below refers to $BEAM based on the initial maximum total supply of $MC tokens (1 billion tokens). Please note that the current maximum total supply has decreased since the token generation event and has been changing regularly.

  • Treasury - 61.9% -> Wallet and Wallet.

  • Contributors and builders - rewarding the founders, core contributors, advisors and earliest backers for their work towards growing the MC Ecosystem - 24%

  • Seed contributors - the contributors that participated in the seed round of the project - 14.1%

The treasury tokens are currently all unlocked. The contributors and builders, and seed contributors brackets are unlocking per the initial distribution schedule for the $MC token. This comes down to a 42 month vesting for seed contributors in total and 54 months vesting in total for contributors and builders.

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