How can I contribute to developing the MC Ecosystem?

Anyone is welcome to participate in the MC Ecosystem by contributing in various ways. This can for instance be done by joining our community on one of our social channels, or through submitting a DAO proposal.

Where can I see the ecosystem treasury?

In order to provide stakeholders with a clear and transparent overview of the DAO's and DAO-adjacent entities' financial activities (collectively referred to as the "ecosystem treasury"), a detailed treasury report is published each quarter. The treasury reports can be found here, as well as on Substack.

What is happening with the migration?

We kindly advise you to have a look at this page to have all your questions answered around the migration.

How can I stake my $BEAM?

As per MIP-26, staking is no longer possible. Delegation on the Beam network may become possible in the future.

I have more questions — who can I ask?

If you have more questions about Merit Circle, reach out on Telegram, Discord or Twitter and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
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