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Introducing Merit Circle / Beam

Welcome to the Merit Circle resource hub. Here, you can find information relating to the Beam, Merit Circle DAO and other parts of the Merit Circle / Beam ecosystem (jointly referred to as the "MC Ecosystem"). Consider this space our white-paper, which is continually revised and adjusted as the scope and scale of the MC Ecosystem changes.

Whether you are a gaming or blockchain enthusiast, a developer, or someone new to the world of blockchain, you will here find various resources about the MC Ecosystem to get you started and keep you going. The information aims to assist newcomers and current members to navigate the MC Ecosystem. The MC Ecosystem has grown to consist of multiple verticals all focused on gaming. In the centre of it all is the $BEAM token.

$BEAM is the fuel of the Beam network and all gaming activities on it. The Beam network is where gamers and developers come together to shape the future of the gaming industry. One of its core components is the Beam SDK, which is a flexible software development kit that enables game developers to choose between a variety of tools that can be used to fuel and structure their in-game blockchain elements.

Furthermore, $BEAM enables tokenholders to govern certain parts of the MC Ecosystem, and thereby shape its future. The mission of the DAO and any DAO-adjacent entities is to revolutionize gaming by, amongst other things, empowering individuals to take ownership of gaming assets and to play a role in shaping its future.

Further information about the abovementioned may be found throughout this Gitbook. Below follows an overview of the main topics covered, with links to relevant sites in the Gitbook.

$BEAM token

Explore the utility and functionalities of $BEAM. Amongst other things, this section outlines the use cases of $BEAM and how it is allocated and distributed.

Pages in this section include โคต๏ธ

Beam ecosystem

Beam is a sovereign network focused on gaming. Powered by $BEAM, the Beam network was created to primarily cater towards gamers and game developers. This section provides you with information about how to use and interact with the Beam network.

Pages in this section include โคต๏ธ


This documentation provides an overview of how the $BEAM token may be used for governance purposes, and how it is used to progressively decentralize the MC Ecosystem. Discover how to become an active member of the community, and participate in shaping the future of the MC Ecosystem.

Pages in this section include:

MC Helpdesk

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