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We are determined to be completely secure in everything we do at Merit Circle. We aim to be totally transparent in our actions, which is why we work with some of the finest names in the audit space. On top of that, actions that affect our DAO will go through multi-signature signings to ensure maximum safety.


We want to ensure that we are able to answer any questions about Merit Circle. We are completely transparent and strive to remain this way. Therefore, we would like to shed some light on one key function in our token contract:

Multisig - the main DAO multisig is currently formed of the following parties (name - ETH address):

  • Maven11 - 0x998C367e519F85e77bf2161c1c38Bb9E0f54a79a

  • Flow Ventures - 0x5b48A7035B565366a4d2F6baf10167514ad24Ece

  • Sergei Chan - 0x15aF80290F04Ba73eDFD912b31452354eB5a4e2A

  • Marco van den Heuvel - 0x08B308c486D7B9A9f9DCac1A0dc80d9d523A6967

  • Oh Baby Games - 0x6E5622807DbC21c1CCEF93d8A8d0Ad50Ea5050Db

  • OPCrypto - 0xF5AEf65B7e493A5a8725842528D81561ED2CBC6e

  • Orange Pill Ltd - 0x0ee16877560e2c08A3c0917C7e440ac9e13d0973

  • Danish Chaudry - 0x7e982d89F10B60cCD0614Ffa0F0e4F93A5b2b102

  • Hash Rush / Vorto - 0xF36E3D66A3c98B7B7eb881096454B6075205997d

Audit reports

In collaboration with Quantstamp we are proud to share the following audit reports:

  • Quantstamp Merit Circle token report (six issues were found that have either been resolved or acknowledged). The issue which is acknowledged with a higher risk has been included in the transparency comment above (related to the mint and burn functions).

  • Quantstamp Liquidity Mining audit report (12 total issues were found. Four of those were high-risk issues potentially resulting in the loss of user funds. Three of them were initially found by Quantstamp and one of them was found by an individual senior developer. We resolved these issues immediately and acknowledged three other risks that are not direct risks to users).

  • Quantstamp Token Burner audit report (one issue found, advised to address the issue before deploying the contract).

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