6️⃣Governance Forum

6.1 Purpose of the Governance Forum

The Governance Forum shall be a forum where MC DAO stakeholders are welcome to contribute to the future of MC DAO. The platform shall be the home of all proposals and related discussions required to coordinate on the governance of MC DAO.

MC DAO shall have in place community rules and guidelines to create an environment for constructive discussions. The same community rules and guidelines shall apply with respect to other official channels of MC DAO.

In the event that the Governance Forum is unavailable or otherwise inaccessible, MC DAO’s official Telegram or Discord channels may be used for governance purposes until the Governance Forum becomes available and accessible or a new Governance Forum has been chosen by MC DAO.

6.2 Language of the Governance Forum

The language of the Governance Forum shall be English.

6.3 Categories of the Governance Forum

6.3.1 Overview of the categories

The Governance Forum shall as a minimum include the following categories:

  1. Discussion category.

  2. Proposal category.

  3. Transparency and accountability category.

The Governance Forum may also have additional categories as decided by MC DAO.

6.3.2 Discussion category

The discussion category shall be a forum where the MC DAO community can discuss current, future and present MC DAO activities, gaming, smart contract systems, protocols, projects and other matters that are or may be relevant for MC DAO. A person may open up a topic in the discussions category provided that it is relevant to MC DAO and follows the applicable community rules and guidelines.

6.3.3 Proposal category

The proposal category shall be a forum where all governance proposals relating to MC DAO and responses to such proposals are officially submitted.

A proposal may be submitted in the proposal category provided that it is relevant to MC DAO, follows the applicable community rules and guidelines and is in accordance with the conditions set out in Article 7.2. Prior to publishing an idea as a proposal, proposal creators are encouraged to exchange thoughts and ideas with the wider MC DAO community through the discussion category or through other channels for the purpose of gauging community sentiment.

Proposals that satisfy the relevant criteria set out in Article 7 will be voted on by MC DAO in accordance with Article 7.4.

6.3.4 Transparency and accountability category

The transparency and accountability category shall be dedicated to showing the process and involvement of persons that have contributed, or are contributing, to MC DAO and any Sub-DAO.

6.4 MPOLLs

If a proposal requires input through one or more MPOLLs before being put up for a binary β€œYes” and β€œNo” vote, the topic that is intended to be subject to a proposal shall be discussed in the discussion category. Article 7.4 shall apply correspondingly to a MPOLL.

The topic may be moved to a proposal in the proposal category only after the final MPOLL relating to the proposal has been concluded. The outcome of MPOLLs will only form a basis for the future proposal and the topic that will be voted on in a MIP vote, but will not have influence on the MIP vote itself.

6.5 Moderators of the Governance Forum

The Governance Forum shall have one or more moderators that are appointed by MC DAO. The moderators can be changed by MC DAO or by a team or persons that MC DAO has authorized.

To ensure that the Governance Forum rules and guidelines are followed, each new proposal intended to be published on the Governance Forum shall be reviewed by the moderator(s) before being published. Such review shall be conducted as soon as practicable following a new proposal being posted for publication. Comments and responses to various threads will not be subject to a pre-approval by the moderators.

If the proposal is drafted in accordance with the Governance Forum rules and guidelines and the Constitution, a moderator shall approve the thread for publication. In the event that the proposal is not drafted in accordance with the Governance Forum rules and guidelines, a moderator shall inform the author(s) of the inconsistencies so that the author can make the proposal compliant with the applicable rules and guidelines. The moderator shall approve the proposal for publication as soon as practicable, provided the inconsistencies have been rectified.