Introducing Merit Circle

Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that is on a mission to revolutionize gaming. As a DAO, our mission is to revolutionize gaming by empowering individuals to play a role in shaping its future.
As the DAO has grown and evolved, so too has our ability to support, create and positively influence the GameFi industry. Merit Circle's activities and products are now housed under four distinct branches - Investments, Marketplace, Gaming and Studios. These verticals focus our ambitions, and allow us to positively impact key areas in the Web3 landscape. Bringing these verticals together creates a vibrant network of products, tools and services that users can utilize to begin their journey in the decentralized gaming industry.

Vertically integrated gaming DAO

The Merit Circle DAO consists of four verticals. Each vertical can stand-alone with its respective products but together they create an ecosystem that adds value to the Merit Circle DAO and, thereby, the $MC token as illustrated in the image below.
The ecosystem of the Merit Circle Gaming DAO

Merit Circle Investments

Web3 has not only made gaming entertaining but rewarding for gamers and investors. Since its inception, the Merit Circle DAO has invested in countless projects in the space and has worked hard to create a resilient treasury consisting of venture, token, NFT investments and staking operations. The focus of this vertical is to make sure that the treasury is run with the goal of improving long-term risk-adjusted returns. This will serve to promote the growth of the broader Merit Circle gaming DAO.

Merit Circle Gaming

Just as the body requires blood to run through its veins, the Merit Circle DAO is intrinsically connected to the world of gaming. We love gaming: we invest in games, incubate games, have thousands of gamers in our community and, with the development of our gaming platform, we are bringing it all together in one place. Merit Circle is a gaming DAO that dives deep into the gaming industry and we are on a mission to make Merit Circle synonymous with Blockchain gaming.

Merit Circle Studios

The Merit Circle Studios houses our ambitions to create innovative projects and collaborate with the most promising projects. Using the force of the entire DAO, we can combine our skillset, expertise, community and significant treasury in creating an open and creative space. The aim of this vertical is to formalize a space where new projects, that push ground-breaking concepts, are incubated and where core contributors in the DAO can work on publishing concepts of our own.

Our NFT Marketplace - Sphere

With the dominance of the NFT space in the decentralized gaming industry, we have noticed some clear issues regarding the centralization of power, in addition to fragmented markets. We would like to set an industry standard, by introducing Sphere. With our experience in the decentralized gaming industry, we would like to extend our sustainable model by filling the current gap in the NFT market. Our focus in this vertical is to establish a new standard of NFT marketplaces, by overcoming the common pitfalls of this space.