5️⃣Treasury and financials of MC DAO

5.1 Treasury management

MC DAO should seek to manage its treasury in a diligent manner and work towards preserving and increasing it in scale. The treasury shall be utilized to support the growth and development of MC DAO and its ecosystem by powering its daily operational needs, whilst allowing investments in various developments, products and projects in accordance with the scope of activities, vision, values and principles of MC DAO.

MC DAO’s treasury should, to the extent reasonably possible, be displayed in a transparent manner so that the Tokenholders can adequately audit the funding and operational spending of MC DAO.

There may be situations where certain details surrounding investments or treasury assets cannot be disclosed in full transparency due to confidentiality or other constraints. To increase accountability and transparency in such situations, the reasons for non-disclosure should be presented and alternative reporting methods considered by the MC DAO contributors privy to the relevant information. Information concerning the size of an investment or other type of transfer should always be disclosed. MC DAO may implement procedures and processes for managing disclosures relating to investments or treasury assets that cannot be disclosed in full transparency.

5.2 Adequate liquidity and assets

MC DAO should at all times seek to have liquidity and assets which are adequate in terms of liabilities and the risk and scope of MC DAO’s activities and operations.

5.3 Multisig

In order to facilitate certain operations and execution of on-chain transactions within the MC DAO ecosystem, MC DAO should authorize the creation of on-chain multisig wallets and empower one or more teams of multisig signers to sign and approve on-chain transaction messages in the interest of MC DAO.

The public keys of the blockchain wallets utilized by MC DAO should be disclosed to the community in a transparent manner.