Beam network

Beam is more than a gaming blockchain; it's a community-driven chain where gamers and developers come together to shape the future of the gaming industry. Whether you are a developer looking to create the next breakthrough game or a player seeking the best blockchain gaming experience, Beam offers a powerful, flexible solution.

  • ​Getting Started: Learn how to kickstart your Beam integration with essential steps like API key acquisition.
  • ​SDK: Learn best practices for using Beam's SDKs, including API key security.
  • ​Your Game: A guide to managing and updating your game's assets and details within Beam.
  • ​Profiles: Understand the role of Profiles as your players' on-chain inventories and more.
  • ​Assets: Simplify in-game asset management and create a seamless marketplace with Beam's SDK.
Unlock the full potential of Beam in your games with our comprehensive APIs and SDKs tailored for developers. From managing in-game assets to user profiles, get all the tools you need for seamless integration.

Get the foundational knowledge you need to understand and interact with the Beam blockchain.
  • ​Beam Introduction: Your starting point for understanding the Beam network's basics.
  • ​Connecting to Beam: Learn to connect to Beam via MetaMask and find RPC settings for both mainnet and testnet.
  • ​Validator: A guide for those considering the role of a validator, detailing qualifications and duties.
  • ​Build on Beam: Must-read for developers exploring Beam's unique features like high scalability and EVM compatibility.
  • ​Beam Ecosystem: Explore Beam's toolset, including its decentralized exchange and other essential resources.