⚙️Development grant

Applications can be done here

The grant is set at a maximum of $25,000 per applicant, for the expenses that are incurred while working on their project.

Examples of projects which could be eligible for a development grant:

  • Development of a treasury dashboard

  • Integration into a certain protocol or game

  • Creation of an extensive series of research reports

  • Realization of physical items to distribute among MC/Beam community


  • Each application should include a breakdown of the required budget, which will be made public

    • In this breakdown clearly define how you will be spending the required budget and why the requested amount is justified.

  • Each application should include a rationale that answers the question: "Why should this grant be accepted?"

  • Each application should include a thorough breakdown of the project, the applicant and reasoning why you would be fit for the task.

    • This includes clearly defined goals and deliverables

    • Include a breakdown of how you wish to achieve these goals and deliverables. This could include timelines and milestones for each goal/deliverable.

  • Each applicant will write weekly, bi-weekly or monthly progress reports dependent on the project and its complexity

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