1️⃣Scope of activities, vision, values and principles of MC DAO

1.1 Scope of activities

The scope of activities of MC DAO are:

  1. Being a gaming DAO creating, participating in and developing games and opportunities for crypto and gaming enthusiasts.

  2. Investing in the gaming, crypto and metaverse ecosystems.

  3. Developing, producing and making available software, smart contracts and products relating to gaming, crypto and metaverse ecosystems.

MC DAO shall be permitted to participate in all associated activities for the purpose of pursuing the purposes and objectives set out in letters (a) to (c) above.

1.2 Vision, values and principles of MC DAO

MC DAO consists of a network of stakeholders, with a vital value-creation role and united by a shared purpose, vision, values and principles.

MC DAO envisions contributing to revolutionizing the gaming industry by investing, developing and empowering people across the globe to take part in it with equal opportunities.

MC DAO supports the following values and principles:

  1. Decentralization, autonomy (including smart contracts) and meritocracy are at the heart of MC DAO’s governance, products, developments and operations.

  2. Gaming should provide for more than simple entertainment, but entertainment should remain a prerequisite.

  3. The functions and powers within MC DAO shall be decentralized.

  4. Contributors and any Sub-DAOs shall be held accountable by MC DAO through objective analysis of their performance and other measures of checks and balances, including use of smart contract systems for such purposes.

  5. The MC DAO treasury shall only be used to support projects and developments aligned with the activities, objectives, vision and values of MC DAO.

  6. Activities and operations of MC DAO shall be conducted in a transparent and secure manner to create trust between everyone involved in MC DAO and enable each community member to have and obtain information on decisions taken.

  7. Smart contracts deployed within MC DAO’s ecosystem should be open-source and not depend on specific developers and should be able to persist as long as the relevant blockchain is functioning.

  8. All community members should be treated fairly and contributors rewarded appropriately.

  9. Activities of MC DAO should be exercised in a manner that is compliant with this Constitution, approved MIPs and otherwise with applicable law. Abuse of powers for personal gain or preferential treatment shall not be tolerated.

  10. Activities and operations on behalf of MC DAO should be conducted in MC DAO’s interests rather than the interests of individuals, and in accordance with the scope of activities set out in Article 1.1

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