Overview of Merit Circle DAO's governance

Overview of the governance process and MC token's role

Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), meaning there's no central entity making decisions. Decision-making is achieved through voting by stakeholders who own the MC token.
The MC token was created to decentralize the management and development of Merit Circle's DAO, investments and platform.
More information about the MC token can be found here.

How does Merit Circle's governance work?

Similar to what we've seen with other successful DAOs like Yearn Finance, our decision-making process occurs through a governance forum. The governance forum is a forum where Merit Circle DAO stakeholders are welcome to contribute to the future of the Merit Circle DAO. The governance forum shall be the home of all proposals and related discussions required to coordinate on the governance of the Merit Circle DAO. The language of the governance forum is English.
When interacting with the governance forum the applicable community guidelines must be followed.
In the governance forum, individuals can start a discussion thread or a proposal relating to topics and matters relevant for the Merit Circle DAO. See more details on the proposal process here.