Tactile NFT Smart Contracts

Contracts that the Merit Circle DAO utilizes for Tactile NFT
Tactile NFT
The Merit Circle liquidity mining utilizes the following smart contracts
MeritNFT.sol is an NFT contract used for the Tactile NFT project. The contract includes a size mapping to track the size of each NFT and the burning function that is used on redemption of the underlying merch box.
WhitelistedNFTSale.sol is a contract used to do NFT sales using a whitelist that depends on a merkle root stored in the contract. Each user is able to mint an amount of NFTs according to the parameters of the sale which also define the total amount of the sale. For Tactile project no ETH was required to mint the NFTs except for the gas fees involved in the minting transaction.
MeritNFTDropFactory.sol is the contract that was used to deploy Tactile NFT contract and which also has the ability to set a merkle root for further drop. This contract is used to mint a subset of the NFT collections aimed to specific participants in the Merit Circle DAO.