Merit Circle is a decentralized organization aimed at the play-to-earn industry. Within the industry, there are many different games collaboratively representing a vibrant economy allowing people worldwide to play and earn. Each subDAO under the Merit Circle mainDAO represents a game within this industry.
This also means that every subDAO has a different utility but the main objectives come down to the following:
  • ensure continuity and scaling of different strategies also known as vaults
  • maximize earnings from strategies also known as vaults
  • grow collection of top-tier NFTs with positive value accrual expectancy
To learn more about the specific strategies we are using, please refer to the following page:

Treasury management

As described in the mainDAO functionalities, the mainDAO has the objective of maintaining the health of the subDAOs' treasuries. Initially, each subDAO has a similar set-up that comes down to the following:
  • Productive NFTs (70%) - assets that can be used in-game; these could be NFTs that can be rented out to other players in a scholarship model or land plots that generate a return on investment or host minigames
  • Value NFTs (20%) - assets that are purchased with the aim of increasing the treasury's value or to sell for a markup
  • Cash (ETH + Stablecoins) (10%) - this capital will be used to either purchase productive, or value NFTs and develop new in-game strategies.
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