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Welcome to the Merit Circle DAO resource hub!

Here, you can find out everything related to the DAO, including its mission, goals and activities. Consider this space as our white-paper, which is continually revised and adjusted as the scope and scale of the DAO's activities change.
The following documentation aims to provide a detailed overview of the DAO's structure, the way it functions and the decision-making process. This aims to assist newcomers and current members to navigate our structure, and stay informed on our development and initiatives.

Merit Circle and $MC

This section outlines the structure of the Merit Circle DAO, outlines the governance procedures and presents the use-cases of the $MC token.
Pages in this section include

DAO Verticals

In this section, we cover the 4 main pillars that group the activities of the DAO. With a separate set of goals and ambitions for each, these verticals come together to form a value-driven ecosystem for Merit Circle.
Pages in this section include

MC Helpdesk

Are you here for the Gaming Platform? Go here -> Gaming
Are you looking for the governance forum? Click here
Any other burning questions? Go here -> FAQ
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