DAO contributors

As a decentralized autonomous organization, we have a flexible workforce that contributes to the success of our organization. The DAO has many talented actors working on behalf of the DAO.
Some of these are contracted by the DAO, others are contributing of their own accord. The sort of stakeholders varies from gamers, tokenholders and funds to cooperations and other DAOs. From small to big, from known actors to (pseudo) anonymous actors.
Below you can find a list of known DAO contributors. This does not include most smaller contributors, the complete list of DAO contributors is much larger and ever-changing.

DAO core contributors

  • CitizenX
  • Dept Agency
  • Flow Ventures LP
  • Maven11
  • Orange Pill
  • OPCrypto
  • Sad Cat Capital

Seed contributors (Entities)

  • DeFiance Capital
  • Mechanism Capital
  • Maven11
  • DCG (Digital Currency Group)
  • Spartan Group
  • CitizenX
  • OP Crypto
  • Bitscale Capital

Seed contributors (Individuals)

  • Alex (Nansen)
  • BR Capital
  • Bobby (Coingecko)
  • Calvin Liu (Impossible Finance)
  • Coin98
  • Danish Chaudry
  • Danny Wilson (Illuvium)
  • Darren Lau (The Daily Ape)
  • Darryl Lau
  • David Post (Chainlink)
  • DeFi Chad
  • Gmoney
  • Isaac (Nansen)
  • Jasper (Flux)
  • Kristaps Vaivods (Hash Rush)
  • Pavel Bains (MixMob, Bluzelle)
  • Perpetual Protocol
  • Peter (Flux)
  • Piers
  • Richard (Quantstamp)
  • Ryan Berkun (Teller)
  • Sergei Chan
  • Tin Nguyen (Sipher)