With the invention of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), ownership is firmly back in the hands of the people. Everything and anything on the internet can now be bound to one single entity and replication is a thing of the past. What’s more, the space grew to an unstoppable multi-billion dollar industry.
However, there is room for improvement as the majority of this trading volume flows through just a handful of marketplaces that have clear flaws. And where does gaming sit in all of this?
The Merit Circle DAO is creating an NFT marketplace for in-game assets that will drastically improve the current user experience when trading digital assets.

How does this vertical work?

As one of the four verticals, the Merit Circle Marketplace is positioned to overcome the flaws of conventional NFT marketplaces and set an industry standard by introducing our very own marketplace for gaming NFTs.
The marketplace will be a space for all games that have incorporated NFT technology. Leveraging our vast roster of games and collaborative community we will be able to build a marketplace with the needs of game developers and their audience in mind, rather than working with vague assumptions.
To summarize, the NFT marketplace will:
  • become the dominant marketplace for in-game assets
  • allow the DAO's portfolio companies (and beyond) to seamlessly launch NFT collections and present their assets in a customizable way
  • will improve the user experience for the collector, creators, traders and gamers
  • will become a significant revenue source for the Merit Circle DAO
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