Just as the body requires blood to run through its veins, the Merit Circle DAO is intrinsically connected to the world of gaming. We love gaming: we invest in games, incubate games, have thousands of gamers in our community and, with the development of our gaming platform, we are bringing it all together in one place.
Merit Circle is a gaming DAO that dives deep into the gaming industry and we are on a mission to make Merit Circle synonymous with Game Finance (GameFi)

How does this vertical work?

As one of the four verticals, Merit Circle Gaming embodies the heart of the DAO. At its core, we are a community of gamers; and have been able to grow to our size in a welcoming and healthy environment. This also allowed us to provide opportunities to our community members across the world. Our ambitions, however, extend far beyond that.
The aim of this vertical is to leverage our experiences with sustainable games, and our network to build a gaming platform that will house all of our gaming operations. To summarize, the gaming vertical;
  • Value accrual for the DAO's treasury through the in-game earnings generated with the assistance of the DAO's assets
  • Hosts gaming opportunities for passionate gamers across the globe
  • Competitive gaming in various blockchain games
  • Allow the community to get more involved in a vital aspect of game development – limited entrances for beta-testing
  • Driving users to the NFT marketplace we are building

Gaming platform

In collaboration with Dept Agency, we are building an overarching gaming platform that will house all of our gaming operations. Currently, most of our gaming operations are scattered across various platforms and communications mainly flow through Discord. The entire workflow screams for automation and optimization, and that’s what we’re creating. We won’t leave Discord anytime soon but improvements are on the way.
This platform will allow us to implement new games rapidly and scale current operations like never before. While benefiting our community, it will also allow us to set up limited entrances for beta-testing upcoming games from our partners. This will be both enjoyable for our community and extremely beneficial for our partners.

Merit Circle Gaming Academy

We are all about empowerment, and education is a massive part of that. As the old proverb we live by goes: “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” As such, a fundamental part of our gaming platform will be the Merit Circle Gaming Academy. Here, we’ll give our gamers the tools to learn about everything from our gamers and cryptocurrency to managing aspects of their personal lives, such as financial guidance, as well.
Led by two experienced teachers, we have been carefully crafting educational content that will be widely available through our new platform. It will be the breeding ground for a new generation of gamers who’ll learn ‘on the job’ as they become better at playing their favorite games but also by being able to unlock their full potential.