DAO structure

Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This indicates that no central party holds full authority over the organization. In order to create a sustainable organization, the DAO is structured in a way to stimulate growth, decentralize decision making and treasury conservation.
The Merit Circle DAO has a wide variety of operations across multiple games. Therefore, our DAO consists of multiple layers, best displayed in the image below.
Structure of Merit Circle DAO Ecosystem
Beneath you can find a general overview of the different elements of the Merit Circle DAO structure.


The mainDAO, or ecosystem DAO, is the grand instrument that has the ability to pull the strings in all Merit Circle's operations. In short, the mainDAO's objectives consist of the following:
  • ensure scaling and continuity of subDAOs
  • provide soft floor price to $MC token price
  • generate yield farming income
  • provide additional capital to subDAOs
  • governance of Merit Circle's future
  • backstop shortfalls within subDAOs
For a detailed description of how our MainDAO is constructed, please follow the link beneath.


The subDAOs are the DAOs specified per game. Every single game Merit Circle operates in will have its own DAO governed by the ecosystem DAO. In short, the subDAOs' objectives consist of the following;
  • ensure continuity and scaling of different in-game strategies
  • maximize earnings from strategies
  • grow collection of top-tier NFTs with positive value accrual expectancy
For a detailed description of how our subDAOs are constructed, please follow the link beneath.


The vaults represent the different strategies a subDAO can deploy to generate revenue. The profits that vaults make flow back to the different stakeholders in the ecosystem. An example of a flow profit generated by a certain vault:
  • gamers/scholars receive 70% of generated profit
  • treasuries receive 20%
  • managers/operators receive 10%
For a detailed description of how our vaults are constructed, please follow the link beneath.