Innovation is born through collaboration, creativity and perseverance. Here at the Merit Circle DAO, we cherish innovation and, owing to our unique position within the gaming industry, it’s something we’re able to nurture.
Under our studios' vertical, we combine our skillset, expertise, community and significant treasury to unlock the potential of others and offer the perfect breeding ground for creative projects. It’s a space where, as well as actively publishing our own concepts, we can collaborate with and push ground-breaking projects.
We are passionate about contributing to this industry and we know that the Merit Circle DAO is bigger and broader than we initially thought possible.

How does this vertical work?

As one of the four verticals, the Merit Circle Studios houses our ambitions to create innovative projects and collaborate with the most promising projects. Using the force of the entire DAO, we can combine our skillset, expertise, community and significant treasury in creating an open and creative space.
The aim of this vertical is to formalize a space where new projects, that push ground-breaking concepts, are incubated and where core contributors in the DAO can work on publishing concepts of our own. To summarize, the studios' vertical:
  • Drives direct value towards all other verticals in the DAO's ecosystem
  • Is the breading ground for creative projects from within the Merit Circle DAO
  • Collaborates with existing projects and projects from non-web3 companies
  • Aims to become the preferred partner for web3 native teams aiming to launch a project

Merit Circle Grants

The Merit Circle Grants offers enthusiastic members in our DAO a chance to pitch in and help contribute towards the development of the Merit Circle ecosystem.
The idea of this program was born out of a response to the overwhelming amount of interest shown by community members in adding value to the DAO. With such an international group of backers, members and project founders; we noticed the large pool of untapped skills and expertise that is waiting to be unleashed.
For more information please visit this page.


​Edenhorde evolved from within the Merit Circle DAO. Internally, we created a task force that dedicated most of its time to the realization of Edenhorde, a world-building project with an extended focus on developing IP and a powerful brand. After determining the initial scope, we reached out to a few expert external contributors to help make Edenhorde a reality.
Edenhorde is run by the Merit Circle DAO with external parties contributing to its success. While we have plenty of our own ideas similar to Edenhorde, we feel that, in the long-run, incubating concepts from existing parties is more scalable than doing everything in-house.
For more information about Edenhorde, please visit this page.

Value creation

The Merit Circle DAO’s ecosystem is ever-evolving. Each vertical will add value to the ecosystem as a whole, and it’s no different within the studios' vertical. Every single project that launches under the Merit Circle DAO will create value for all parties involved and, when Merit Circle is one of those parties, it will generate value for the DAO too.