What is Sphere?

Sphere is a marketplace for gaming assets in the broadest sense of the word. The term ‘gaming assets’ has been completely transformed over the decades. Once, these only meant physical items like dice or cards. With the digitalization of gaming, these started to include cartridges, CDs and consoles, and today they encompass so much more.
Today, thanks to the introduction of NFT technology, everything and anything within a game can become an asset, from your very account to the land where battles take place and the weapons your character uses to slay the ultimate boss. All of these assets can be freely transferred and exchanged from person-to-person on a marketplace like Sphere.
Sphere will open its doors to trusted gaming assets utilizing NFT technology that the gaming industry has to offer. As we’ve shared previously, with Sphere we are taking the wishes and needs of all parties into consideration from the creator and the collector to the gamer.
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